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Greek E-Course A1 (1 month)

What is Greek E-Course? Week 1: Introduction to Greek Week 2: Everyday Vocabulary and Simple Sentences Week 3: Practical Communication Week 4: Basic Conversation and Review We believe that learning a language should be engaging, interactive, and fun. Our method includes: -Video Lessons: Clear and concise video explanations for every topic. -Interactive Quizzes: Test your knowledge with quizzes at the end of each module. -Practical Exercises: Reinforce your learning with a variety of exercises and activities. -Audio Clips: Listen to native speakers to improve your pronunciation and comprehension. -Fun Activities: Enjoy games, flashcards, and interactive activities to make learning enjoyable. Why Our Course Stands Out: -Intensive Learning: Achieve significant progress in just one month with our focused curriculum. -Comprehensive Support: Access to a community of learners and instructors for additional support and practice. -Flexible Learning: Study at your own pace with our online platform, accessible anytime, anywhere. -Real-Life Applications: Learn practical language skills that you can use immediately in real-world situations.



1 000,00 kr


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